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Abril Auto Glass Inc is proud to specialize in mobile auto glass repair. If you’re stuck on the side of the road with a broken windshield, you can count on us to fix it fast and at a fair price. Our services are quick and convenient, giving you just what you need to get back on the road with total peace of mind.

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What Does the Mobile Auto Glass Repair Process Involve?

Mobile auto glass repair brings the expertise and equipment directly to your location—you don’t need to go anywhere. Our trained technicians arrive at your preferred site, be it at your home, workplace, or any convenient location, with a fully equipped vehicle carrying all the necessary tools and materials.

The repair process involves injecting a specialized resin into the damaged area, which is then cured using ultraviolet light or vacuum pressure. This technique effectively restores the structural integrity of your glass, preventing further cracking or spreading of the damage.

What Are the Benefits of On-Site Auto Glass Repair?

While traditional in-shop auto glass repairs require you to take your vehicle to a repair facility, on-site services bring the expertise and tools directly to your location.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Saves you time and effort
  • Minimizes disruption to your daily routine
  • Repairs are performed in a familiar and convenient environment
  • Eliminates the risk of further damage during transportation
  • Offers the flexibility to schedule repairs at your preferred location

What Types of Damage Require Windshield Repair?

Damage can range from minor chips and cracks to more extensive fractures, each requiring different windshield repair approaches. Identifying the type and severity of the damage determines whether a repair or a full replacement is necessary.

Here are the different types:

  • Small chips or cracks that can be covered by a quarter or less are typically repairable.
  • Bullseye cracks, with a central impact point and circular pattern, can be repaired if under an inch in diameter.
  • Star breaks, resembling a star shape with short cracks radiating from a central chip, may be repairable if the diameter is under three inches.
  • Combination breaks involving multiple types of damage could be repairable if the diameter is less than two inches.
  • Cracks or chips near the windshield’s edges or obstructing your view usually require a full replacement.

Mobile Auto Glass Window Repair

Anytime, Any Place

We’re a fully mobile auto glass shop. We can provide just about any repair or replacement at your convenience and location. All you need is to get in touch with us. Tell us a time you’d like, and we’ll come to you to fix your auto glass. Fast. Simple. Smart. Small wonder we’re the area’s go-to choice for auto glass repair.

With our services, you can expect:

  • On-time service
  • Transparent pricing
  • Trained and certified professionals
  • Extended warranties
  • OEM-grade replacement components
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

How Long Does Car Glass Repair Take?

Car glass repair services vary in length, depending on a few factors. Generally, a basic repair for a minor chip or crack can be completed relatively quickly, while more extensive damage may require additional time.

Here are some factors that can influence the time frame:

  • Size and complexity of the damage (larger cracks or multiple impact points take longer)
  • Type of repair technique required (resin injection, full replacement, etc.)
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Location of the damage

Are Mobile Auto Glass Repair Services as Effective as Going to a Shop?

Mobile auto glass repair services are just as effective as those performed at a traditional repair shop. The convenience of on-site services does not compromise the quality or durability of the repair.

With access to the same specialized tools and equipment as in-shop facilities, our repairs are performed with the same level of precision and expertise.

When Is Auto Glass Replacement Required Instead of a Repair?

While minor chips and cracks can typically be repaired, more extensive damage necessitates a full auto glass replacement.

The decision depends on a few factors:

  • Size of the damage
  • Location of the damage
  • Depth of the damage
  • Age and condition of the existing glass
  • Presence of additional cracks or chips

Auto Window Repair at Your Convenience

When it comes to car glass, most small-scale damage will not require a replacement as long as the issue is addressed by an expert right away. Our technicians are here to assist you with all problems, be they big or small. From small stone chips to large cracks, we have services you can count on. What’s more, our services always stay convenient for you.

You can ask us to repair your auto glass while you’re at work, while you’re at home, or while you’re stuck on the side of the road. Wherever you are, we’ll be there.

Complete Auto Glass Solutions

We provide a complete range of services for all types of auto glass repair issues. Crack filling, chip repair, glass replacements—we do it all. Whether your side mirror is broken or your windshield shattered, you can trust us to provide a suitable repair at an affordable price.

We perform comprehensive inspections to assess the scope of the damage. We take pride in providing our customers with in-depth consultations and expert advice. Before we can get started repairing your auto glass, we must first survey your vehicle and get an idea of the extent of the damage. We will inspect:

  • Windshield
  • Back glass
  • Door glass
  • Side or rear mirror glass

Trusted Mobile Car Glass Experts

Experience, innovation, and years of industry training determine the values of Abril Auto Glass Inc. Our team delivers each auto glass service with extensive skill and knowledge. We’re renowned not only for our expertise, but also our friendly service. We work hard to deliver a stellar customer experience by staying prompt, being transparent, and offering the most convenient services available in the local area. Tried, trusted, and experienced, our team is the one you can trust.

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